Save with Acura Financing When Buying or Leasing Your New Vehicle

Choosing an Acura shows that you're someone who values reliability, luxury, performance, and style. Saving money and getting a great deal when buying or leasing your new Acura is probably also high on your priority list. If so, then you'll want to check out our financing incentives, and we'll provide you with some information that could help you decide whether you should buy or lease your new vehicle with West Herr Acura. Either way, you'll be sure to get a new Acura car or SUV that you'll love, and a monthly payment that's smart for your budget.

Benefits of Buying 

When you finance a car with an auto loan, you'll agree to make timely monthly payments, and the vehicle is completely yours once the terms of your loan are satisfied. You'll build equity in your new Acura, so you'll be able to resell it on your own or trade it in for credit towards a down payment on another vehicle. If you decide to add additional equipment after you've purchased your Acura, you're free to do so at any time. If you use your vehicle frequently to commute from  Lewistown to Amherst, buying is usually the best choice for high-mileage drivers. While most Acura customers take excellent care of their vehicles and drive safely, accidents can happen, and you'll have a little more time to resolve any issues with the vehicle, since there is no wear and tear restrictions.

Financing incentives are common with Acura offers, so well-qualified East Aurora and Grand Island buyers may have special opportunities to save on their car payment each month with a lower APR. Credit requirements are also a little easier to meet when financing with an auto loan, so if you have less than perfect credit, you'll most likely still be able to drive away in a new Acura. Auto loan terms can last anywhere from 36 to 72-months, so options exist for lower monthly payments with a lengthier term. If you plan on owning your vehicle for more than three years, an auto loan is a smart choice.

Benefits of Leasing

An Acura Luxury Lease is a smart choice if you have very good to excellent credit, and you like to drive the latest cars and SUVs that Acura has to offer. Lower monthly payments are common when leasing, so you could get your dream Acura sooner than anticipated with an Acura Luxury Lease. When you lease a vehicle with West Herr Acura, you'll make monthly payments for use of the Acura car or SUV. You'll sign an agreement that stipulates the terms of the lease agreement, and a verbal review of the contract will be completed by our Acura leasing specialist. After the lease has concluded, you can turn in the vehicle for a newer Acura model of your choice. Purchasing your Acura or terminating the contract are also possible. Purchasing your Acura provides the benefit of protection against price increases since the amount is predetermined at the time of leasing.

Incentives are often offered at the end of your lease, and loyal Acura lessees are often rewarded for their business with a discount. Low and $0 down payment options are offered, on occasion, as a promotion with our Acura Luxury Lease program. With a variety of mileage options to choose from and many other incentives, an Acura Luxury Lease makes sense for many of our customers from Buffalo to Orchard Park.

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